uh, holy fuck. julie benz and lucy lawless? thank god i watch 'no ordinary family'
"I have not felt this way about a guy since Comic-Con ‘06 when I fell for the cutest metrosexual Wookie." Katie Andrews, No Ordinary Family, 1x10 “No Ordinary Sidekick”
i just realized, there were two inceptions references in my tv shows from last night.

one was from glee when finn said rocky horror was confusing.

and the second one was in no ordinary family when katie said inception made sense compared to the encryption algorithm she was trying to crack.

it just amused me.

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aw, no ordinary family and better with you got picked up for full seasons.

i love no ordinary family and better with you is cute. thank you abc, for not fucking up the other two new shows i like on your network.

dear michael chiklis,