seethatglimmer ASKED: TIM/TYRA ... AND ALEX/NIKITA


  • there’s nothing to suggest that tim riggins didn’t love lyla garrity. he did, but in the end their feelings weren’t as strong, or the same, as the ones that tim and tyra had for each other.
  • hell, if it wasn’t for tim loving lyla like he did, he would never have been able to do some of the things he’s done to make himself worthy for tyra. even if she would love him no matter what.
  • tyra’s letters were one of two things that got tim through jail. it revamped his faith in their relationship that after all of this time, and everything that they had been through, tyra would write to him while he was in jail.


  • nikita never expected to care for alex as much as she does. maybe she has a problem with getting attached to assets, after what happened with daniel, but alex is … different. she has been ever since nikita rescued her from the udinov home.
  • while she knows that alex was right, that division has to be destroyed from the inside, every time alex is called on a mission, nikita gets this feeling in her stomach, and she almost wants to tell alex to quit and run away with her.
  • alex wants a life away from division, that’s why she saw nathan and a baby in her hallucination. but after what her and nikita have been through, she doesn’t know how she could ever live without the other woman. they’re dependent on each other in a way she never could be with anyone else.
lesliefknshay ASKED: joey lural, cheerleader michelle - idk if she had a last name, danny (can't remember her last name)


  • she might sometimes act like she’s a total womanizer (fine, she sort of is), but she never actually wanted to break up cris and rockwell. she would’ve been completely fine burying her feelings in a string of random girls’ pussies until she got over it. but she doesn’t like the thought of being a homewrecker.
  • in her mind, pretending to be excited about the baby and pretending to care was a good idea. in theory. sure, sooner or later she would end up somehow letting that child know how she felt about it. but because it was what cris wanted, and joey already had screwed up so much in cris’ life, she was going to go along with it. cris wanting rockwell to donate the sperm was her final straw though.
  • uh, she’s the best lay in three states. suck on that, brook.


  • the cheerleading squad is the closest thing to a child michelle has. the squad was suffering when michelle came in as a freshman. she literally rebuilt the squad from licking the floor up to where they were. so she is in charge of the team. and she cares more about each and every girl than most people do.
  • why does she find erica so attractive? she’s the only person to stand up to michelle. to dish back what michelle gives when she’s laying down the law. and, erica doesn’t submit. michelle finds that irresistibly sexy. she really does need someone like erica to challenge her on more than just a physical level.
  • a big part of why she always needs to be in control is that she’s always been competitive. and she’s told herself that she’s never allowed to lose. it’s that and the fact that she’s sort of a bit of a control freak with her own body. and sex. and sometimes the squad.


  • danny doesn’t see herself as having redeeming qualities. as in, she doesn’t understand why katy has been her friend for so long, or why chandler has ever had interest in her. despite having been adopted, she never was treated very well. nor told that she was worth anything.
  • despite everything that has happened because of her drug and alcohol use, she wouldn’t go back and change that part of her life. as strange as it sounds, taking back something like that is just stupid and cowardly and it’s a huge part of who danny is. besides, if she didn’t do all of that shit earlier, she’d probably end up doing it later. and looking like nick nolte.
  • she’s never told anybody this, but if it wasn’t for katy miller, danny would’ve killed herself a while ago. either on accident or on purpose. it’s probably been a little of both. but, in a non-lesbian way, katy is her world. katy’s been the only person to actually love her, and care about her, and katy definitely is the reason that danny has been alive for this long, whether she realizes it or not.
seethatglimmer ASKED: remy (hunter/remy)




  • that phase when she dated a girl in between relationships with hunter? worst idea ever. it was almost as bad as the purple streak she used to have in her hair. actually, it was worse. she pulled off the streak. at the end she just really missed hunter.
  • she didn’t tell him about the baby at first because she was scared. not of him fleeing on her, that’s just the excuse she came up with when he confronted her. but because she’s convinced she would be the absolute worst mother in the history of mothers. like, those animals that eat their young, they would be better parents than remy thinks she would be.
  • of all of the records and music she has, her favourite song is “and then he kissed me” by the crystals. not for any real reason but it, to her, describes her relationship with hunter. well, it’s a tie between that and “leader of the pack” by the shangri-las. but she has a secret weakness for songs that you can slow-dance to. she’s wanted to have at least one slow-dance with hunter for years now.


  • frequently he curses his sperm for knocking the bitch up. and he curses the condom. but mostly, he curses himself. not because he knocked a girl up, but because he knocked the wrong girl up.
  • he doesn’t have enough patience to solve problems without fighting his way through them. he’s only stopped punching people so frequently because he’s begun to realize (aka, it’s been pointed out to him) that tessa really just doesn’t like violence. which is ironic given their lives.
  • he hates hospitals. not because they ask questions about his injuries, but because he spent a lot of long nights and days in hospitals by his mom’s bedside as she was dying from cancer. which, he doesn’t ever talk about.


  • ryder’s her other half. and indie is like her brother. and if she ends up a cat lady and crazy aunt collins, she’ll still have her entire life’s goal being to clean up after ryder and indie break up and then getting them back together.
  • there was this one time, when ryder and indie were on one of their break-ups, when collins wondered what it would be like to date indie. well, more like sleep with him. but then she remembered it was indie. and she got grossed out. and figured she would be more likely to have sex with ryder than with indie.
  • one of her favourite things to do is pretend that her and ryder hate each other. just because it fucks with people’s minds so much, especially those who know them. like in high school when they were on separate powderpuff teams. collins invented this huge big scandal for them so they could go all-out and tackle each other without people making sexual innuendo jokes about them. that sprained ankle she got from ryder leveling her in the last minute of the game is by far her favourite trophy of their friendship.
andrwlofland ASKED: i will go equally old school on you and say jenn andrews. ulla eiriksen. leyton sawyer. colbie elliot.


  • most of the time, she absolutely hated sarah helbig. but being friends with sarah helbig is like being friends with regina george: you absolutely hate it, but you continue on with it because she’s regina fucking george. but seriously, jenn had the patience of a buddhist monk to not snap earlier than she did.
  • compared to the shit hand she was dealt, listening to sarah whine about loving kyle and their drama was like comparing justin beiber to kurt cobain. it just … no connection. not even close. it just … yeah.
  • going away to “boarding school” was probably the best decision her father ever forced down her throat. it only sucked that she had to come back and people expected her to be the same jenn andrews who was in the wheelchair.


  • when she found out deck was deaf, she admittedly wanted to freak out a little bit. seriously, wouldn’t you freak out if your boyfriend suddenly told you that he was deaf and that he’d been pretending to be able to hear ever since you’d met?
  • she didn’t go on her trip around europe to get away from everything that had happened to her in sweden. she left because it was something she always wanted to do. granted, some of the places she stopped in, weren’t exactly on her travel brochures … but oh well.
  • she only knew a little bit of english before meeting deck, but once she did she started teaching herself english to be able to communicate with him. turns out, he couldn’t hear a damn word of her efforts. that really put a damper on her english lessons.


  • she loves caden, she really does, but without hesitation, she would always want to spend the rest of her life with heath. it’s very cliche and such, but in all seriousness, heath was the first, and probably the only, guy who leyton really gave her heart to.
  • after her parents died and she was adopted by the sawyers, she spent three months straight crying herself to sleep. and she didn’t want to be adopted. she didn’t want to replace her parents. all she wanted was for this sleepover at autumn’s to be over and she could go home with her mom and dad.
  • the ironic part about leyton’s nearly drinking and starving herself to death? she doesn’t even like wine. it just so happened to be the only real booze she had left after she drank her way through all of the beer and hard liquor.


  • wheelchair sex? one of her shameless kinks. something about it just really, really turns her on. okay?
  • when her best friend told her to go have some fun with the boys in europe, colbie assumes this was not what she had in mind. mostly because she’s pretty sure her best friend meant european boys. not an american like herself. oh well. it’s the wheelchair sex.
  • secret? she’s jealous of her sister. more than she should be. there isn’t exactly a real reason why, she just is. it’s probably just a sibling rivalry thing. being jealous of her twin sister isn’t something she’s proud of, but it’s so very true about her.
andrwlofland ASKED: oh, and mikaela! i can't remember her last name. on the political board with kendra XD


  • there is no way a criminal’s daughter like her should be allowed within a hundred yards of one of the vice president’s sons, let alone date him. she knows it, and does agree with the vice president when he says that mikaela isn’t good enough for xavier. but xavier just won’t give her up.
  • her most embarrassing moment happened the only time she’s ever worn a skirt to her recollection. she was like fourteen and walking somewhere, she doesn’t remember when, and she had a marilyn monroe moment. except, it was really embarrassing. and instead of being all sexy like marilyn … let’s just say it didn’t end well.
  • her favourite movie of all time is sabrina. despite how not attractive bogey is, linus is totally doable. and the ending gets her every time.


  • EVERY FRIDAY IS TACO NIGHT. not for any real reason, but just because it’s friday and it can be drunk food and it just started out as a really ridiculous tradition when dad was too busy being all awesome and famous and we were left on our own. and then … we just kept it up. besides, taco friday is an amazing friday tradition.
  • she really doesn’t like it when she gets confused for alternate!jeanet. sure, they look alike, but come on, jeanet’s way more blonde than ducky is. it’s not that hard to tell the difference between them.
  • dad totally rules by a “do as i say” standard. but, it sometimes doesn’t really work out. well, it did for ducky. the first time she ever tried to disobey dad, she literally broke out in hives. fine, maybe it had something to do with the fact that her rulebreaking landed her in a thicket of poison ivy.
lesliefknshay ASKED: ronnie bendis, marya kayakova, aleksandra grujic. i could do more but this is a start xD


  • there was only one time when ronnie wondered what it would be like to be single. but that was for a grand total of sixty seconds before mari walked into the room and ronnie realized that she was stupid for ever thinking that there could be someone other than marisol for her.
  • she has a secret love of the fact that everyone used to think she was the dumb sidekick in high school. because then she got to be a nerd in secret and not have to do everyone’s physics homework.
  • ronnie isn’t entirely sure if she wants kids. not because she doesn’t want them or anything, but because she doesn’t want a child to ever be subjected to the bullying that she was subjected to in high school once she came out. but if her and marisol did have kids, ronnie wants to adopt. always.


  • her reputation is everything to her. at juilliard, it’s the only thing left to her since her dancing career was brutally ended and she was stooped to teaching. so her reputation and her teaching job is pretty much everything for her.
  • while some former dancers will always try and relive their glory years, marya refuses to do so. in fact, watching old performances makes her cry. and not in the good way. they bring up painful memories.
  • she loves old movies. black and white classics. there are only a handful of colour films that she has in her collection. her weekends usually consist of her watching one of those movies with some small meal on fridays, saturdays planning lessons for the next week, and sundays cleaning. sometimes she spends her sundays going somewhere by herself.


  • despite all of the grief she gets for being nikki heat, or just having to have clayton tag along with her, she’d never not make that promise to clayton when she was younger. if it wasn’t for clayton, aleks would not be where she is now. she would probably be just like her mother, a maid in some rich person’s house who doesn’t speak very much english.
  • she does kind of like it when ellie is completely inappropriate because that’s just her personality. although, it does give her a little bit of satisfaction that she has enough of an impact on someone to have them change a little bit.
  • ellie is the fourth person she has ever had to depend on. first were her parents, and then clayton. and the fact that she’s already lost her dad, and is losing her mother, that really hit it home worse for aleks when ellie let herself get shot. and she frequently thinks about what she could have done to stop it. which kills her so much.


  • let’s be serious. getting married on the back of the bus was not her idea of romance. in fact, that’s the only thing she has ever regretted in her life. it’s about as cool as getting a dragon tattoo when you’re thirteen. seriously, she wishes she could go back in time and change where she got married. i mean, who gets married on a bus?
  • she’s never had body image issues, except that one time when her mother offered to get her a boob job for her high school graduation. and said that boys didn’t like girls with small tits. meghan cried herself to sleep that night. and, it neared the last straw in their relationship.
  • when her dad is in the same room as any scene in any role she has ever had, all meghan needs is to hear some of the music and she’ll literally sprint from one end of the house to the other just to make sure she can change the channel and her dad can’t see her work. yeah, she wants his approval, but she’s supposed to be his little girl. not the roles she’s had.


  • while she has thought of some great nicknames for the rest of the cast of ‘journey’, she sort of hates that the best she could come up with for molly was just ‘carlos’. seriously, of all the nicknames she could’ve gone for, she went for ‘carlos’. she’s ashamed of herself for that one.
  • she used to wish that her future girlfriend would be anywhere near as hot as clementine or molly. and then … sabrina happened. but there’s still a little bit of hope that she gets a girl as smokin’ hot as some of her costars. oh, and she doesn’t regret being in on dexter’s quest to find out the colour of molly’s panties for the day.
  • if she had to be completely honest, being gay doesn’t terrify her, but being out of the closet does. just because of how she was raised. mainly, the community she was raised in. and, somehow, she’s gotten this wholesome good girl midwestern cheerleader image. and suddenly being gay … doesn’t help that image. so it terrifies her.


  • she used to daydream about spending the rest of her life with landon. like, when they were dating, she probably had an entire notebook dedicated to two things: planning her wedding to landon and video games she wanted to make one day. most of the time the weddings were star wars themed.
  • agreeing to go out on a date with cross was like pulling teeth. and, if she was being completely honest, she’d never actually heard of him before that first date and suddenly she was blinded by paparazzi because she was on a date with him. even still, she doesn’t understand the big deal. but she’s proud of him no matter what.
  • she asked rebel to walk her down the aisle. and landon was her man of honour. sure, cross offered to pay for her dad to come, but if she was honest, she’d rather have rebel there than her father. just because she’s sort of spoken to her dad over the years. rebel’s definitely taken over that father spot in her life.
seethatglimmer ASKED: remy (sloane/remy)


kelley (i have been feeling the rocky/kelley love lately)



  • despite how sexy it is that sloane is a stripper, remy really doesn’t like it. she wishes sloane would utilize her potential and do something else. besides, remy secretly is really jealous and territorial. if it wasn’t gross and she could do it, she’d totally do a ripley thing and pee on sloane’s leg to mark her turf.
  • she sometimes wishes that she never came out of the closet, because of what happened to dean. she knows that he’d do it without thinking about it, but she regrets how her selfish choice to come out of the closet ruined her big brother’s life.
  • the only reasons that ripley sometimes gets attention before sloane is because he’s been there for remy for so long. when she left diana to go to medical school, she was so lonely after pretty much being a mother that she needed something to take care of. so she got ripley. and he’s like her child, her best friend, and everything good in her life. so she can’t forget about him for her constantly-horny stripper pseudo-girlfriend.


  • he’s not as dumb as he … oh wait, he is that big of a dumbass. but he wishes that he could be smart so he doesn’t embarrass bella/make her roll her eyes constantly.
  • he bought her that mustang because he felt really guilty that he left her for his football scholarship. and, he remembered that was her dream car, so that was the most romantic gift he could think of. it was just an added bonus that he got laid on the hood of that car.
  • getting injured was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to him. as much as he loved playing football, he didn’t really like college and his intelligence was far from school. it was on the football field. and he loves coaching. and bella. and their baby.


  • she never would tell rocky this, but she is probably the luckiest person alive. not just because she has found someone she loves so much it drives her crazy, but because she found that woman when she was twelve years old.
  • if she had to change one thing about rocky, it would have to be how quickly she jumps to conclusions. and when she gets an idea in her head, she doesn’t shut up. which leads to kelley having to institute the “volume” school of arguing.
  • neither of them are really kid-material, but kelley has a serious urge to share the love she has with rocky with someone else. like a child. god forbid she actually has to give birth to the damn thing. but seriously, a kid might be good for them. she thinks so. she personally thinks that she’s getting sappy for this.
audrey-horne ASKED: cutthroat bitch. <3

oooooo, good one.

  • amber volakis had a desperate need to be liked. when she was younger, she never really had friends, so she overcompensated. and when being the smart girl or the confident girl didn’t get her any friends, she turned into someone who didn’t care what people thought about her. she became a cutthroat bitch to cope.
  • two words: daddy issues. perhaps she didn’t get hugged enough as a child, but on top of wanting to be liked by everyone, she wanted her father’s approval. it explains her desire to please house, dating wilson, and again the urge to be perfect.
  • if she hadn’t started dating james wilson, she probably would’ve left princeton and tried to find another, equally prestigious job somewhere else. and, on that note, she did love wilson. which was exactly why she got on the bus that night to pick up house. she knew it’d be something wilson would do.